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No. 10 (June 1991)

Editorial (2)
Ferdinand Mueller in Gippsland by Linden Gillbank (3)
N.J. Caire:Gippsland Views 1875-1905 by Anne and Don Pitkethly (11)
The Gippsland Road, 1836-1848 by W.J.Cuthill (21)
Eva West: Leading the way in Local Government by Jenny Hammett (28)
The Age of Shovellry is not yet Dead:Brown Coal Mining at Yallourn by W.K. Anderson (32)
Faith in Adversity: Louisa Morris in Gippsland by Alison Goding (38)
John Young Woolstencroft:Photographer and Postcard Publisher of Noojee and Neerim by Shirley Jones (43)
The Parry-Okeden Family at Rosedale W.E. Parry-Okeden (46)
Compiling a Bibliography by Linda Kennett
Bullumwaal Old Cemetery
Gippsland Biographies: Bungelene (58), John Flynn (59), Martha Harris Stout (59)
Bulletin Board (60), Family Enquiries (61), An Invitation (63), Letters to the Editor (64)
Map: Sketch of a marked line of road from Mr Hobson's Station Gipps Land to Anderson's on the Bunnup Bunnup 1847

No.11 (December 1991)

Editorial (2)
Pioneers of Limestone Creek by Elery Hamilton-Smith (3)
Stewart Ryrie's 1840 Report on Gippsland (11)
Crooked River School 3606 by Bert Cliff (18)
Photograph Folio: Life around the Black Snake (23)
Gippsland Dairy farms: Changes in Technology by Henk Sinnema (29)
Tourism at Inverloch by Anne Savige (34)
Amos Brazier: The first Rector of Bairnsdale and his Times by Cyril Tolley (38)
Sister Ellen McCarthy: A Nursing Life by John Pearson (43)
Wattle Bark Stripping by Jim Pleydell (46)
Reflections on a Celebration of Port Albert's History by Jane Lennon (48)
John Lardner: Gippsland Surveyor and Lands Officer by John Alexander (52)
Historical Briefs: Musical Chairs at the Alberton Court (53); Tom Dillon (53)
Gippsland Biographies: Willoughby Bean (54); Bessy Cameron (54); Charles Radford (55)
Book Reviews (56); Booknotes (60); Bulletin Board (63); Family Enquiries (63); Letters to the Editor (64)
Map: Stewart Ryrie's 1840 Gippsland Journeys

No.12 (June 1992)

Editorial (2)
Sealers Cove by J.Ros Garnet (3)
The Bairnsdale Court House
by Richard Petersen (9)
Melbourne and Gippsland Water
by Tony Dingle (19)
Lucy Way
by Linda Cawcutt (23)
Edward Lees: Surveyor of Mallacoota
by Anita Brady (29)
Leah Liddiard and her Family
by Jenny Hammett (35)
Establishing a School at Trafalgar East
by Julie Forest (40)
A Drive from Cobbanah to Dargo
by Vince Phelan (42)
Letters from the Black Snake
'Buchan Charlie' the Bushranger
Local Resources:City and Shire of Traralgon
Gippsland Newspapers (and where to find them)
Historical briefs: William Odell Raymond
(57); Rosedale's First Policeman (57); Editor Attacked (58);
Gippsland Photograph on Stamp
Book Review (59); Book Notes (60); Family Enquiries (62); Bulletin Board (64); Help Needed (64)

Map: Monaro Stations associated with early settlement of Gippsland

No.13 (December 1993)

Editorial (2)
Charles Walter: Collector of Images and Plants in East Gippsland by Linden Gillbank (3)
Italian Prisoners of War in Gippsland by Phillipa Watt and Elizabeth Brooks (11)
The People of Bung-Yarnda by Doris Paton (15)
A Thoroughly Capable Nurse: Training and Nursing at the Gippsland Hospital, 1894-1990 by Ann Edwards (21)
R.F.Courtney: Photographer and Bushwalker by Neil Courtney (27)
Locating Gippsland's Historical Art by K.E. Bensley (33)
From River to Road: Dyers Transport Sale, 1932-1992 by Glenys Wain (37)
'Gippsland's Path of Time': The Carylon Collection and the Centre for Gippsland Studies by Meredith Fletcher and Linda Kennett (4)
The Prince Regent Theatre, Sale: Gippsland's Picture Palace by Gerry Kennedy (47)
The Garden at Eilean Donan by Jim Sinclair and Carlo de Angelis (51)
Local Resources: City of Morwell (54)
Historical Briefs: Callignee School Building Restoration Project (56); Bairnsdale Courthouse: The Furniture and the Bricks (56); Budgee School (57); Dargo 110 Years Ago (57)
Book Review (58); Book Notes (59); Family Enquiries (61); Help Needed (62); Bulletin Board (62)
Early Experineces on the Baw Baw Track by J.K. Jensen (63)
Map: [A portion of] A Tourist Map of Warburton, Mt Baw Baw, Walhalla

No.14 (June 1993)

Building Technology in Gippsland by Miles Lewis (3)
Martha Webster: Preacher, Publicist and Pioneer by Ann Morgan (18)
Frederick Cornell: Master Photographer

Classics and mathematics: George Bearham's Bairnsdale College by Cyril Tolley (3)
Snake Ridge Views by Ian Lunt (35)
A Visit to the Moraine Lake at Mount Wellington by Mary and Annie Howitt (38)
Picturesque Victoria, and how to get there in 1907 by Peter McL Hiscock (45)

Collecting Material for the State Library of Victoria by Sue Hodges (52)
Collector's Corner: Eileen Finlay, a Forgotten Gippsland Author (56)
Book Reviews (59); Book Notes (60); Bulletin Board (63); Help Needed (63); Family Enquiries (64)
Map: Cave Country: Buchan and Snowy River District

No.15 (December 1993)

Corn Beef, Bread and Hot Black Tea: Memories of Cassilis by Joan Hoeffer (2)
Unlocking the Land: Selection in the Maffra Shire by Darren Watson (11)
Welcome Settlers or White Slaves? The Medway Immigrants of 1856 by Linda Barraclough (18)
John Gunn: Toora Photographer (26
A Trip to Tarra Valley with Traill by Sue Fraser (33)
Searching for Gippsland's Old Apples by Neil Barraclough (37)
Farm Carts, Jinkers, Buggies and Drays: Bostons of Korumburra by Jacqui Grainger (41)
Classical Symmetery versus Geraniums: Planting the Garden City of Yallourn by Meredith Fletcher (44)
Survival of a Culture: Alice Thorpe and Her Basket by Marlene Drysdale (50)
A Web that remains Tangled: Crimes at Early Omeo (52)
Historical Briefs: A.W.Howitt's Hop Kiln (54); A Boat Load of Pianos (55)
Book Review (56); Book Notes (58); Family Enquiries (63); Help Needed (63); Bulletin Board (64); Letter to the Editor (64)
Map: Township of Cassilis and District

No.16 (June 1994)

West Gippsland Sawmillers pre 1900 by Mike McCarthy (2)
Gippsland's Great War Nurses by John Pearson (10)
'Notes of an Unsettled Life' by George Charles Fead (24)
Photo Folio: Walhalla (37)
The Cunninghame Letters Meredith Fletcher (comp) (42)
A Long Way from Eureka: Sgt Henry Goodenough of Bairnsdale by Linda Barraclough (50)
Stock Brands, Gipps Land District (53)
Book Reviews (55), Booknotes (60), Family Enquiries (62), Bulletin Board (63).
Letter to the Editor (64)
Map: Gippsland showing squatters in 1845 by Robert Dixon


No.17 (Dec 1994)

Miner's Huts on the Bunurong Coast by Bill Hayes (2)
George Augustus Robinson's 1844 Journey through Gippsland by Ian D. Clark (12)
Photo Folio: Tent Life on the Orbost Line (20)
An Ideal Holiday Experience: Guesthouses of the Gippsland Lakes by Rebecca Jones (25)
The Lime Burning Industry in Gippsland by Jane Harrington (31)
French and Co: Builders and Architects of Bairnsdale by Amy Shand (37)
Witness to the Wooden Crosses at Ramahyuck Cemetery by Doris Paton (42)
Abstracts from Historical Society Journals (47) Book Review (51) Booknotes (53)
Register of the National Estate (56)
The Stock Deposit Registers (59)
Historical Briefs (60) Bulletin Board (61) Information Sought (61)
Grand Corrugated Iron Scavenger Hunt (62)
Letters to the Editor (64)
Map: Gippsland Municipal Boundaries prior to Amalgamation, 1994


No.18 (June 1995)

An Outpost of the Chinese Medical Tradition: The Practice of Thomas Chong at Bairnsdale by Morag Loh (2)
Fragile Landscapes: Disappearing Hill Communities in South Gippsland 1945-1973 by Cheryl Glowrey (8)
Teaching School in the Delvine Park Hall by John Scott (14)
Photo Folio: To be Available to the Public (21)
The Noojee Boys! by Philipa Watt (28)
From Rosedale to Changi by Marjorie Wood (32)
The Rediscovery of the Sale Powder Magazine by Peter Synan (36)
The ABC in Gippsland by P.G.Gittins (39)
Our Own Money:Gippsland Tokens by Tilo Junge (42)
Tourist Travel to Mount Erica (44)
Residents of Gipps' Land 1851 (47)
Local Resources: The former Shire of Omeo (50)
Book Review (52) Booknotes (53) Abstracts (55) Information Sought (57) Bulletin Board (58)
Letter to the Editor (58)
Gippsland Historical and Genealogical Societies (59)
Map: Plan showing area prospected by the North Gipps' Land No.1 Party [1877]


No.19 (March 1996)

The Wonthaggi Miners' Women's Auxiliary by Bill Hayes (2)
The Wattlebark Industry and the Gippsland Lakes by Coral Dow (10)
The Baragwanths in Gippsland by Melanie Nevill (15)
The Schah:African Slave Trader, Ottoman Empire Trader, Australian Coastal Trader by Leonie Foster (25)
Tree Giants of Gippsland by Colin Silcock (35)
Losing Something, Remembering Something ... :
Borka Milenkovich and Serbian traditions in the Latrobe Valley
by Catriona Pollock (41)
The Briagolong Mechanics' Institute Library by Adam Bowden (45)
Arthur Boyd's Moving Ascension by Ian Huguenin (47)
Tribal Warfare and an Event at Tambo Crossing by P.D. Gardner (49)
Where was Alfonso Spaghetti? The Wooden Men of Gippsland (52)
Great War Nurses (54)
Booknotes (55) Abstracts (59) Bulletin Board (62) Help Needed (64)
Map: Colony of Victoria, Nov 10 1862


No.20 (September 1996)

A few Words from the Editorial Team (3)
Life on the Boole Poole:Resources and Refuge by Coral Dow (5)
Snake Island and the Cattlemen of the Sea by Cheryl Glowrey (12)
'Not under proper care and control': Researching Mental Illness in East Gippsland by Janice Chesters (15)
Photo Folio: The Skyline Tours (21)
Bruthen's Pioneeer Minister and some Gippsland Marriages by Niel Gunson (28)
Broken Hearted, but never Broken Spirited: The Trida District's Struggle for Education by Ann Peck (36)
Two Brothers at War by Ross Jackson (41)
'Donated by Annis and George Bills': Their Concrete Horse Trough Legacy by Tim Gibson (44)
Behind the Image (48)
Wellington Shire History Database (53)
Booknotes (56) Abstracts (59) Historical 'Top Up' (59) Bulletin Board (63) Help Needed (63)
On being an Anapak (64)
Lithograph: Hop Picking near Bairnsdale, 1880


No.21 (March 1997)

Tea Tree and Reeds: Building Materials around the Gippsland Lakes by Coral Dow (2)
Moe in 1950: Growing Pains and Civic Affairs by Lorraine Proctor (9)
Under-Mining the Myths: Brown Coal Mine State School 3967, 1918-1939 by Carole Burkett (16)
Photo Folio: The New Tourists Guide and Victorian View Album, 1889 (23)
'Anyhow, fooling with a pen is happiness': Mary Eliza Fullerton as "E" by Elva Blackmore (29)
From Lancashire to Waratah Bay: Tracing James Newbould by Lorna Dowell (36)
Kingsford-Smith in Gippsland by Peter Synan (39)
A Country Congregation: The Ranceby Church by Annette McIntosh (41)
Behind the Image (47)
The Illusion of the Cellulose:
Part I: Restoring Yarram's Regent Theatre
by Leon Trembath (51)
Part II: A Physical Description by Gerry Kennedy (53)
Booknotes (55) Abstracts (6) Bulletin Board (63) Help Needed (64) Letter to the Editor (64)
Lithograph: The Fishing Station, Paynesville, Raymond Island, 1879


No.22 (September 1997)

The Timber Bridges of Gippsland by Don Chambers (2)
Photo Folio: Gippsland Bridges (14)
The Snell Family of Gippsland Giants by Jim Snell (19)
Rum, Tobacco, Leathergoods and a Horse: The Archaelogical  Investigation of the Sydney Cove by Kieran Hosty (28)
From Gower Creek to Greater Things: Clara Weekes (1852-1937) by Linda Barraclough (36)
The Final Chapter of Life in the Bush:
Remembering Henry Meyrick and Catherine Desailly
by Jeremy Hales and Marion Le Cheminant (43)
Two West Gippsland Women: 'Ma" Kelly and Mrs Helen Cromie by Denise Nest (49)
Behind the Image (58) Booknotes (58) Abstracts (60 On Display (63) Bulletin Board (64) Help Needed (64)
Photograph: The Shakespeare Hotel, Stratford


No.23 (1999)

Cold Pie and Courage and trust in Providence: The McMahons' Epic Voyage by Marie Fish (2)
Aboriginal Historical Places along the Snowy River by Linda Wilkinson (7)
Photo Folio: Two 'Self-Taught' Photographers (15)
One Hundred Years of Campaigning: The Prom and the Public by Libby Robin (23)
Dorothy Humphreys: A Favourite Soprano and her Gippsland Links by Renn Wortley (28)
Crosslea House: A Mirror of Changing Times by Ann Synan (36)
Behind the Image (44)
The Lady Nelson by Bill Hayes (47)
On Display: Chairs in Public and Private Hands (51)
Book Review (56) Booknotes (57) Abstracts (59) Help Needed (63) Bulletin Board (64)
Lithograph: The Wharf, Bairnsdale, 1880


No.24 (2000)

In the Shadow of the 'Wolf': Enemy Activity and the Internment of a Gippsland Fisherman by Darren Watson (2)
Emoh Ruo: A Plea for Writing House Histories
by Tony Dingle (10)
The Repatriation of 'Fairview': The House that went Home by Meredith Fletcher (18)
Antonio Derbertolils: An Austrian Chairmaker in Gippsland by Terence Lane (20)
Photo Folio: Thomas Unidecimus Prankerd by Robert Haldane (25)
Making a Hospital at Wonthaggi by Bill Hayes (33)
Victoria and Its Metropolis: an index (37)
Memories of the Hedley Bushfire, March 1942 by Beryl Atkin (43)
Mining the History of the Victorian Environment:
Photograph Collections at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment
by Rebecca Jones (48)
Booknotes (53) Abstracts (58) Help Needed (64)
Lithograph: Driving Wild Cattle, Buchan Ranges, Gippsland, 1879


No.25 (2001)

Editorial (2)
A Beacon on the Wilderness Coast: The Story of Point Hicks (Cape Everard) by Robert Haldane (4)
An Idyllic Setting: The Buchan Caves Reserve by Peter Ackroyd and Elery Hamilton-Smith (16)
Introduction to Asylum: Isabella's Story by Janice Chesters (24)
'Where on the Best Tourists Go':
Mallacoota Inlet National park and Tourism, from Federation to Depression
by Sarah Mirams (30)
A Town Like Gould by Carole Burkett (38)
Matthew Macalister's 1840 Diary - an Interpretation by Jeremy Hales (47)
Material Culture: Bricks (55)
Book Reviews (56) Booknotes (59) Abstracts (62)
Plan: Cape Everard Lighthouse


No.26 (September 2002)

No Monuments to their Memory: The Italian Woodcutters of Walhalla by Win Guatta (2)
Judge Stretton's Fires of Conscience by Tom Griffiths (9)
Photo Folio: John Flynn at Buchan by Robert Haldane (19)
Working for Pleasure: Glovers, La Mode and Moe's Postwar Girls by Lorraine Proctor (28)
'Perseverance and Steady Work': The Story of a Walkerville Schoolteacher and her School by Elizabeth Landy (34)
Two Tiger Moth Rescues by Linda Barraclough (41)
Three Songs of Gippsland: Mick Thomas and the Language of Loss by Paul Genoni (48)
'Doctor and Mrs Muir': Katharine Susannah Prichard's Employers in Yarram by Keith Giles (53)
Book Reviews (55) Booknotes (55) Abstracts (61)
Plan of Yallourn 1921 by A.R. LeGerche


No.27 (2003)

Rene died on Banka Island:Irene Ada Singleton (1908-1945) by Ann Synan (3)
Mosaic memorials in Maffra Library (9)
Memory and Truth: Voice and Authority by Carolyn Landon (10)
War in Bass Strait: The Story of the SS Iron Crown by Robert Haldane (16)
Photo Folio: A.O. Rayner of the Fancy Museum, Sale (21)
Memories of Blue Lookout, Sandy Point, South Gippsland by Isabel Pilkington Baltvilks (27)
Remembering and Forgetting the Boer War:
The Campaign to Erect a Boer War Memorial in Sale
by David Schmitt (32)
The Pick of the Bunch: Gippsland Gardens, Gardeners and Garden Writers by Nina Crone (40)
Three Lives of the Emden Steam Whistle by Meredith Fletcher (47)
This was once My House by Sandra Collins (55)
Book Review (6) Booknotes (60) Abstracts (62)
A Final Word: The Leongatha Brick (64)
Plan: Homestead Garden at Churchill Island



The Pecalbars of Gippsland: Macedonian Farm Workers around Kernot in the 1930s by Jan Harper (2)
A Most Obscure Vegetable: Chicory Production in Westernport, Victoria by Peter Davies (10)
Sixty Years of Hard Labour: The Continuing Legacy of Selection in Gippsland by Deirdre Slattery (15)
William Rutledge Hamilton: Artist to The Gap Magazine by W.A. (Bill) Black (27)
The Snowy River Bandit by Robert Haldane (34)
Frog Hollow: A Miner's Cottage in Wonthaggi by Terri Gitsham Allen (39)
Gippsland's Chinese Fish-Curing Industry: An ongoing Archaeological Study by Alister Bowen (45)
Joe Wright and the Black Snake Creek Post Office by Vincent Smith (51)
Vale: Marion Le Cheminant (53)
Book Reviews (54) Booknotes (58) Abstracts (60)
A Selection of Cartoons by W.R.Hamilton


No.29 (2005)

‘Nature’s Life-long Friends’: Thryptomene, Nature Study and the Declaration of the Lakes National Park by Coral Dow. (2)
Gabo Island and the Whaling Industry in Far East Gippsland by Peter Davies. (12)
Photo folio: A.J. Maher, Anglican Minister and Photographer by Tim Gibson. (20)
A South Gippsland Belle: ‘Lyrebird Mound’, Koonwarra by Jacky Abbott. (28)
The Story of the SS Saros: Wrecked at Cape Everard on Christmas Day 1937 by Robert Haldane. (34)
Ruth Clark: Artist and Field Naturalist by Cathie Cullen. (39)
Completing a Circle: Morwell’s Municipal Buildings by Meredith Fletcher (44)
Books (53)
Abstracts (56)
Bulletin Board (61)
Snowy River Bandit - a postscript (62)
A Last Word - Two Wooden Men (64)
Auction Poster for Land Sale at Jumbunna


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