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Out of Print Titles

Selling the Mountain Calves: A Personal History of the East Gippsland Calf Sales by Ian Balmer.

Taming a Town: Law and Order in Omeo by Vic Webber.

Beneath Blue Hills by Walter Vardy

Gippsland: My Home Ground by Frank Ruth

Middleton and Mannings Gippsland Directory 1884

Planning Your Family Reunion by Linda Barraclough and Debbie Squires

Bullumwaal: Some Memories by Jean Hardwidge, Norma Websdale and Linda Barraclough

Gippsland In Focus: A Directory of Photographers to 1950
by Debbie Squires, Linda Barraclough and Helen Clothier

Macalister Landscapes: History and Heritage in Maffra Shire by the Monash Public History Group

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Last update: 17 Mar 2005